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Real estate law includes a great deal of initial groundwork—including ensuring that all liens and code violations are satisfied in order to obtain marketable title, to proper execution of the transferring documents such as the deed.  Here at Reyes & Luna Law we work to reduce and eliminate the risks of unforeseen title issues through our extensive examination of abstracts of title, recorded instruments and other legal opinions by offering representation for both sellers and buyers of real estate.

More specifically, Reyes & Luna Law performs all measures necessary to fix title defects such as drafting of corrective instruments, filing title claims and actions to quiet title, recording necessary conveyances and reformations of mortgages and deeds.

Additionally, our title curative services include association estoppel disputes and liens, survey issues, outstanding liens and delinquent taxes and the like.

Landlord tenant law and real estate purchase and sale contract drafting and disputes are also areas of the law that Reyes & Luna Law specializes in.  Representing either side of the dispute, Reyes & Luna Law will provide strategic expertise to commercial and residential tenants and landlords.  More specifically, Reyes & Luna Law will provide legal services associated with:  non-payment of maintenance or rent; lease and sale contract negotiation and drafting; mortgage financing negotiations; and declaration and by-law review.

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